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Life as a Playlist…..borrowed patriotic version!

This article I enjoyed on Mental Floss recently is right up my alley! Thought you all may enjoy it as well!! Happy 4th of July extended holiday weekend!

9 Tracks with Facts: An Independence Day Playlist


Lost New Years Resolutions…or Life as a Playlist, Part 2

At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions were to give more attention to this blog. That train sort of left the station already, huh? BUT, I am back and attempting to keep myself (and you, if you need it) motivated! Of course, there is a playlist for that!! Check it out:

1) The The~This is the day: I first head this on an AT&T commercial. I have to confess I did not know it was from the 80’s. That is sad, considering I was there..(in the 80’s, I mean).

2) Hanson~This Time Around: All the teeny bopper crap aside, these boys can sing!

3) Miley Cyrus~The Climb: I swear, I am a grown up! I just really like this song!

4) Mary J. Blige~No More Drama: I love the way this song starts out slow, builds up then slows down again. Makes you just want to clean out the closets-literally and figuratively!

5) Kelly Clarkson~Stronger: I think I used this for the Valentine Playlist, but it bears repeating!

Now, I chose these songs for what they say. The rest, for how they say it. Loud and fast, makes you feel like you couldn’t keep still if you wanted to..(and since the point of this is to stay motivated, you really don’t want to…do you?)

6) Motley Crue~Dr. Feelgood

7) Guns N Roses~Welcome to the Jungle

8) ELO~Do Ya

9) Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, Charley Daniels (take you pick)~Orange Blossom Special

10) The Beach Boys~Good Vibrations

11) Neon Trees~Everybody Talks

12) The Heavy~How you like me now?

Sooo.. if you show early for a check in and we aren’t expecting you, don’t be surprised to hear anyone of these blasting out of the Cottage or White Pine’s windows!

We’ve been real busy down here on the farm! Lots of big stuff going on. I promise to give more details after next Saturday! See Ya Then!

Happy Valentines Day..or Life as a Playlist-Part 1

Happy Valentines Day! I have always enjoyed Valentines Day, I guess because it was my dad’s birthday and because I enjoy any excuse to eat candy and birthday cake.

Although the Cottage has been booked for a while (by a sweet couple who are repeat guests), the White Pine Cabin is available for a special couple! Sized just right for 2 and priced just right so you have plenty left over for the fanciest of gifts~only $100 per night. You can hardly get a hotel room for that!!

Now, for Life as a Playlist…Anyone who knows me knows I am never far from my iPod. Archaic and beat up as it is (she’ll be coming up on her 7th birthday soon), she is never far from my side. I have a playlist for every occasion. So, in the spirit of Valentines Day, I’ve created a playlist of my favorite love songs that rock…no sweet sappy slow stuff here!  So, grab your favorite life partner and rock on! In the spirit of fair play, I’ve included an equally rocking list of somebody’s done someone wrong songs…Submitted for your approval:

1) Stole my Heart by Little and Ashley

2) Must Have Done Something Right by Relient K (who just happen to be from Canton, Ohio-DearFarmerHusband’s hometown-Salut!)

3)Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler. I am trying to talk Emily and Clayton into walking down the aisle to this when they get married. I’ve even found a local guitarist/singer who already knows it!

4)  Bang Shang A Lang by the Archies. I grew up watching the Archies on Saturday morning (way baaacck when that was the only time you could see cartoons!!) and still have my comics and record albums. (You can skip to .50 if you aren’t interesting learning the Bubblegum from Jughead!)

5) From My Heart To Yours by Laura Izibor

6) Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You by Brooks and Dunn

Now, in the spirit of fair play…

1) The Happening by the Supremes.

2) I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying by Toby Keith and Sting

3 You Dropped A Bomb On Me by The Gap Band. Funny story-neither of the farm dogs are a fan of the Gap Band. When I play this song, FarmDogBuddy gets all uptight when he hears the sounds of the bombs dropping. When I play Burn Rubber, FarmDogDougal gets all wound up at the sound of the motorcycle in the beginning. Odd dogs, they are.

4) Long Time Lovin You by McGuffey Lane. These guys are definitely in it for the long haul, I remember listening to them back in the 80’s while driving to Big Walnut High School. (Also native Ohioans!)

5) All Of Me by Louis Armstrong.

6) Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.

BONUS: Because I had so much fun doing this and because it’s Valentines and we love our guests……

~ Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner


~Don’t Leave M This Way by Thelma Houston

We’d love to have you enjoy Valentines Day with us!!

Hocking Hills Hidden Treasure…Part 2

Well, back at the end of March, I posted the first Hocking Hills Hidden Treasure and promised to post one every couple of weeks. (Now that was a looonnng couple of weeks, wasn’t it?) Supporting small local businesses through these posts is still something I really believe in and am anxious to get back to.

With that in mind, I dragged invited my good friend Sharon out this Saturday to Zaleski.  We were able to make it to 2 of the 3 small shops there and had a great time! The first stop on our way was the Zaleski Candle Works, at 107 Commercial Sq., in Zaleski. Check it out below:

Zaleski Candle Works, Zaleski, Ohio

They were having a Christmas open house, which they said they would try to have every weekend until Christmas. You will find here candles in all sorts of wild and cool fragrances, including Zaleski State Forest, Monkey Farts and Moonville Tunnel. I got a jelly jar size of Moonville Tunnel, which has a spicy patchouli scent-very nice! These size candles are only $6 each, and every size is just as economical. Don’t worry, she has all the normal scents too, including Carrot Cake which I bought for DearFarmerHusband (since I don’t bake much anymore, that’s as close as we’re gonna get for a while!)

Also, outside was a fire over which bean soup was being cooked-very, very tasty. We also came across a super sweet lady with a table full of super sweet fudge. I got a bag of pumpkin fudge and I can honestly say it was the best fudge I have ever had!! Here is their contact information, in case you are interested: Cain’s Creations, Athens, Ohio 740.593.8029. I’m not kidding, the best fudge I’ve ever, ever had!

The second stop was at Zaleski Creations, at 121 Oak St., Zaleski. This was such a sweet little shop just packed to the gills with such cool things at great prices. I bought this soap dispenser for the bathroom at the Cottage. Isn’t it cute?

Here is a picture of the inside of the shop:

Here is a picture of their sign, to help you find it:

Here is contact information for both shops:

Zaleski Candle Works: 107 Commercial Square, Zaleski, Ohio~

Zaleski Creations: 121 Oak St.,

And, let’s not forget the fudge lady: Cain’s Creations, 9322 Hooper Rd., Athens, Ohio~740.593.8029

Hopefully, I will be able to drag, I mean, invite my good friend along again to check out the 3rd shop!

So, come on down and join us for some cool local Holiday Shopping! We have great availability and would love to have you! We could even put together a complete shopping day for you including contact information and directions!

Super September on the Way!

We are having some super September second summer special deals!! Typically, when September gets here, things start to slow down a little-the kids are back to school, everyone is waiting for October to visit…That makes September one of the perfect times to come visit! The weather is still pretty good, the parks are much less crowded and you get a little break before the holidays hit!

SO…we are having these deals for September only! If you need any more reason to celebrate September, looky here. at this supercool Mental Floss post


.Hope to see you before September ends!


We have big news in our family!! 

After dating for about 5 years or so after meeting 17 years ago (in kindergarten at South Bloomingville Elementary) Clayton popped the question to our Emily and she said YES!  We could not be happier as we all just adore Clayton and because he adores Em and they are very happy together!

So, with that in mind, I guess we will be planning a wedding!  The Hocking Hills are a wonderful place to get married, which so many people have discovered!  To help you plan your special Hocking Hills Wedding day, here are some links:

Hocking Hills State Park:  There are so many beautiful locations in the parks for weddings, but most especially Ash Cave. There have been a number of weddings there over the years, it has easy access, is a beautiful setting and the cave creates it’s own theater setting!

Hocking Hills Tourism Association Guide: This has all sorts of resources-covers everything, even how to get your license!

Uncle Bucks: They have a dance barn that is used for weddings. They also do a mean barbeque! Very tasty.

Or, there are lots of places that do packages….

The Traveling Chapel

The Old Bear, Woodland Weddings

Flutes and Peppercorns, in Vinton County

So, join us in wishing the best to Clayton and Emily and all the brides and grooms that will be heading to the hills!