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An accurate assessment…or a good look around

Most of my previous professional life was spent working as a Case Manager. I’ve worked in Child Protection in SE Ohio, did Disaster Recovery after Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi & was an Employment Consultant to adults with special needs in Florida. As different as these all were, they all had one thing in common. They all started with an accurate assessment of the client’s needs, resources available to them to meet these needs and the resources still needed to do so. Since we’ve moved back to the farm, it seems we have been burning through valuable resources, time, money, energy…sanity, but not accomplishing much. All it once it hit me, there was a tremendous loud pop-which was me pulling my head out of the sand, the single most valuable lesson I learned in my professional life which needed to be applied to my personal one…..a good long look around.

No great surprise why it hadn’t  occurred to me to do an assessment. The outlook could be pretty bleak, and what would be needed to “rosy” it up, pretty monumental! But here goes….

We have 80 acres remaining of what was once an over 200 acre working farm. A place which was covered with various livestock that provided financially for my grandparents, my dad & his older brother. A farmhouse which my grandmother used to create a comfortable home for the family. Thanks to the farm, my dad’s family ate and paid bills when so many people in this area went hungry and lost everything.  However, now the farmhouse is gone, the hills are covered with fields that we struggle to keep mowed and most of the outbuildings and barns that weren’t lost in a big fire in 2000, are filled to brim with remnants of generational hoarding tendencies (Guilty!).

Don’t get me wrong, moving back home from out of state has given us so many opportunities to be involved and close to our children as they launched into adulthood. Being fortunate to be involved as they married (2 of them on the farm), searched for and bought the home of their dreams, and…and…had our first grandchild, Miss Madelyn Marie (or My Sweet Little M&M). We’ve also been available to help Jim’s sister settle his mother’s estate and be a support as she struggles with her own ongoing medical needs.

We’ve also been fortunate to build the Pleasant View Cabin business and take it further than my dad ever would have dreamed. We’ve done so much work to both cabins and have so many more projects we want to do. There are so many ideas we are sorting through to make better use of the largest resource we’ve been given, land which has been in our family for 4 generations that is ours free and clear. We’ve been blessed with so many who have chosen to come along so far, our precious guests of both the Pleasant View Cottage and White Pine Cabin who appreciate our efforts and seem to really understand what we are trying to accomplish. Your support means so much more to us than you will ever know! We welcome you to come along with us on this wild ride, please pull the safety bar to the full upright locked position and keep your hands & feet inside the car at all times!

As Charles Kuralt used to say at the end of his “On the Road”program (one of dad’s favorites). Up ahead the road is bending, I wonder what is around the bend.





Lost New Years Resolutions…or Life as a Playlist, Part 2

At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions were to give more attention to this blog. That train sort of left the station already, huh? BUT, I am back and attempting to keep myself (and you, if you need it) motivated! Of course, there is a playlist for that!! Check it out:

1) The The~This is the day: I first head this on an AT&T commercial. I have to confess I did not know it was from the 80’s. That is sad, considering I was there..(in the 80’s, I mean).

2) Hanson~This Time Around: All the teeny bopper crap aside, these boys can sing!

3) Miley Cyrus~The Climb: I swear, I am a grown up! I just really like this song!

4) Mary J. Blige~No More Drama: I love the way this song starts out slow, builds up then slows down again. Makes you just want to clean out the closets-literally and figuratively!

5) Kelly Clarkson~Stronger: I think I used this for the Valentine Playlist, but it bears repeating!

Now, I chose these songs for what they say. The rest, for how they say it. Loud and fast, makes you feel like you couldn’t keep still if you wanted to..(and since the point of this is to stay motivated, you really don’t want to…do you?)

6) Motley Crue~Dr. Feelgood

7) Guns N Roses~Welcome to the Jungle

8) ELO~Do Ya

9) Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, Charley Daniels (take you pick)~Orange Blossom Special

10) The Beach Boys~Good Vibrations

11) Neon Trees~Everybody Talks

12) The Heavy~How you like me now?

Sooo.. if you show early for a check in and we aren’t expecting you, don’t be surprised to hear anyone of these blasting out of the Cottage or White Pine’s windows!

We’ve been real busy down here on the farm! Lots of big stuff going on. I promise to give more details after next Saturday! See Ya Then!

Valentines Day~Farm Style… (another Hidden Treasure)

I love DearFarmerHusband and he loves me, really. However, with moving back on the farm, both of us elbow deep in work, sometimes we don’t always get to celebrate holidays in the traditional manner! Let’s take for instance, Valentines Day,  most probably spending the evening in lovely restaurant surrounded by the atmosphere of romance. Us, not so much. DearFarmerHusband worked late and I spent the evening working on the Etsy shop and processing reservations for the upcoming weekend.  We opted to wait to the weekend and go out to breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast spots and Hocking Hills Hidden Treasure, the Village Cafe in nearby Laurelville!

This time, we both decided to go the omelet route. I chose the cheese omelet and added grilled mushrooms, extra cheddar and ham. DearFarmerHusband opted for the Philly Cheese Steak omelet, as pictured below:

Village Cafe Omlet for Blog

Yes, it is just as huge and tasty as it appears! You really gotta check this place out!!

Sometimes life just gets in the way of doing things the “right way”. Holidays don’t always get celebrated on the day the calendar tells us to, projects get put off, you do the things you need to-instead of the things you want to! Keep this in mind, if you need to make up a lost holiday, remake a special occasion-we are here for you.  Coming in for a birthday and you want a cake and decorations waiting, let us know. Want to celebrate Valentines Day in April, let us know. The only time you and yours can get together for Christmas is in July and you’d love to have a tree to gather around-LET US KNOW!! We know firsthand of life’s challenges and if we can be on your team (even for a little while) as your tackle those challenges-let us know, we’d love to! Check us out and give us an email or a call to start recovering your favorite lost holiday or just make a special occasion even more special!

Hocking Hills Hidden Treasure…Part 2

Well, back at the end of March, I posted the first Hocking Hills Hidden Treasure and promised to post one every couple of weeks. (Now that was a looonnng couple of weeks, wasn’t it?) Supporting small local businesses through these posts is still something I really believe in and am anxious to get back to.

With that in mind, I dragged invited my good friend Sharon out this Saturday to Zaleski.  We were able to make it to 2 of the 3 small shops there and had a great time! The first stop on our way was the Zaleski Candle Works, at 107 Commercial Sq., in Zaleski. Check it out below:

Zaleski Candle Works, Zaleski, Ohio

They were having a Christmas open house, which they said they would try to have every weekend until Christmas. You will find here candles in all sorts of wild and cool fragrances, including Zaleski State Forest, Monkey Farts and Moonville Tunnel. I got a jelly jar size of Moonville Tunnel, which has a spicy patchouli scent-very nice! These size candles are only $6 each, and every size is just as economical. Don’t worry, she has all the normal scents too, including Carrot Cake which I bought for DearFarmerHusband (since I don’t bake much anymore, that’s as close as we’re gonna get for a while!)

Also, outside was a fire over which bean soup was being cooked-very, very tasty. We also came across a super sweet lady with a table full of super sweet fudge. I got a bag of pumpkin fudge and I can honestly say it was the best fudge I have ever had!! Here is their contact information, in case you are interested: Cain’s Creations, Athens, Ohio 740.593.8029. I’m not kidding, the best fudge I’ve ever, ever had!

The second stop was at Zaleski Creations, at 121 Oak St., Zaleski. This was such a sweet little shop just packed to the gills with such cool things at great prices. I bought this soap dispenser for the bathroom at the Cottage. Isn’t it cute?

Here is a picture of the inside of the shop:

Here is a picture of their sign, to help you find it:

Here is contact information for both shops:

Zaleski Candle Works: 107 Commercial Square, Zaleski, Ohio~

Zaleski Creations: 121 Oak St.,

And, let’s not forget the fudge lady: Cain’s Creations, 9322 Hooper Rd., Athens, Ohio~740.593.8029

Hopefully, I will be able to drag, I mean, invite my good friend along again to check out the 3rd shop!

So, come on down and join us for some cool local Holiday Shopping! We have great availability and would love to have you! We could even put together a complete shopping day for you including contact information and directions!

Super September on the Way!

We are having some super September second summer special deals!! Typically, when September gets here, things start to slow down a little-the kids are back to school, everyone is waiting for October to visit…That makes September one of the perfect times to come visit! The weather is still pretty good, the parks are much less crowded and you get a little break before the holidays hit!

SO…we are having these deals for September only! If you need any more reason to celebrate September, looky here. at this supercool Mental Floss post


.Hope to see you before September ends!

outside living is living good

Whoa! What a change in weather, on the farm here today, we have all the windows open and no air conditioning on at all!!  It really makes you appreciate being able to get outside and enjoy nature. We have great places for this at both the White Pine Cabin and the Pleasant View Cottage. This is one area we have been striving to make improvements in and (we think) are making progress! Take a look at these pictures and see what you think…


This is a view from the back deck at the Pleasant View Cottage. We added the table and chairs last summer and got a new umbrella for the table this summer.

ImageAnother Here is a shot of the deck, showing the great view!

This is a shot from the other direction. The vine is a silver lace vine, which blooms every late summer and smells wonderful. You can see and smell it from this deck and from the hot tub on the patio below. Below, is a close up of the flowers, pretty, huh?


So, come on down and see for yourself! We’d love to have you!

Hocking Hills Hidden Treasures ~ Part 1: The Ridge Inn, Laurelville

As a small, family owned business I appreciate the labor of love that has become my life! As a tribute to the other small family owned businesses in the area, I have started the Hocking Hills Hidden Treasures. Stay tuned, because about every other week or so, I will be featuring some of my favorites here…..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  For my birthday a while back, we all got together and went out to eat. I chose to go to the Ridge Inn in Laurelville because they have some of the best hamburgers in the area!! I really appreciate the thought process behind developing the Ridge Inn, the story of which you will find on their website.

They regularly have live music presented in the restaurant, and the walls are lined with works from local artists. Then, there is the menu, which has a great variety~and very tasty, too!!

Most importantly, here is a picture of my hamburger….. YUM! I usually get the Poppi Burger, which is very tasty.

You just need to come on down and taste for yourself!  The Ridge Inn is a short drive from the Farm and well worth every mile!! We’ll save you a seat.