Lost New Years Resolutions…or Life as a Playlist, Part 2

At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions were to give more attention to this blog. That train sort of left the station already, huh? BUT, I am back and attempting to keep myself (and you, if you need it) motivated! Of course, there is a playlist for that!! Check it out:

1) The The~This is the day: I first head this on an AT&T commercial. I have to confess I did not know it was from the 80’s. That is sad, considering I was there..(in the 80’s, I mean).

2) Hanson~This Time Around: All the teeny bopper crap aside, these boys can sing!

3) Miley Cyrus~The Climb: I swear, I am a grown up! I just really like this song!

4) Mary J. Blige~No More Drama: I love the way this song starts out slow, builds up then slows down again. Makes you just want to clean out the closets-literally and figuratively!

5) Kelly Clarkson~Stronger: I think I used this for the Valentine Playlist, but it bears repeating!

Now, I chose these songs for what they say. The rest, for how they say it. Loud and fast, makes you feel like you couldn’t keep still if you wanted to..(and since the point of this is to stay motivated, you really don’t want to…do you?)

6) Motley Crue~Dr. Feelgood

7) Guns N Roses~Welcome to the Jungle

8) ELO~Do Ya

9) Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, Charley Daniels (take you pick)~Orange Blossom Special

10) The Beach Boys~Good Vibrations

11) Neon Trees~Everybody Talks

12) The Heavy~How you like me now?

Sooo.. if you show early for a check in and we aren’t expecting you, don’t be surprised to hear anyone of these blasting out of the Cottage or White Pine’s windows!

We’ve been real busy down here on the farm! Lots of big stuff going on. I promise to give more details after next Saturday! See Ya Then!


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