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Hocking Hills Hidden Treasure, Part 3 – Village Inn Cafe, Laureville

My favorite meal to eat out has always been breakfast. One of my favorite places to get my favorite meal just has to be the Village Cafe in Laurelville. Just take a look at one of our recent hauls here…Image

Now, before you judge-yes, I did eat all of that food and no, I do not have the good sense to be ashamed of myself! That said, I had 2 eggs, English muffin, fried ham, 1 pancake and some of the best home fries I have ever had. They are crispy on the outside, but on the inside, it is all mushy potatoey goodness. DearFarmerHusband had a similar meal, less the pancake. Now, for another shock, the grand total for this spread was (wait for it, wait for it…)


What a bargain-less than $20 out the door! (Sorry the pic is cockeyed, I can’t seem to remember not to turn the phone when I take pictures!) So that’s why when we feel like overindulging in our favorite eating out meal, we head here:

ImageThe Village Cafe, 16039 Water St., Laurelville, Ohio, phone 740.332.6415. Open 6am till 8pm-breakfast till 11.  So the next time you come to stay with us, check ’em out!


Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s off to mow we go….

We mow all day and we mow all night,

We just can’t seem to get it right,

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho….

Well, another mowing season has passed here on the farm, without the fields all getting mowed. I must say, this is one area where I feel I am letting my father down. At 80 years old, with stage 4 cancer, on chemo-no less, he managed to get all the fields mowed. I am not sure how many acres need to be mowed each year, but of the 80 acre farm-at least 1/2 requires an annual trim up with the mowing machine or sickle bar. I think the problem actually starts here…


Some sweet equipment, huh? The tractor is a Massey Ferguson, with home made front rims and a radiator from an old (and I mean old) car. This beauty dates from about sometime in the late 40’s, I believe and the mowing machine is maybe 10 years it’s junior.

The second problem is that the master of this equipment is our, recently married, works full time and lives an hour away, eldest son, Claude. Here he is below, working his mowing magic:


Don’t get me wrong, we so appreciate any help the kids want to give (and they give a lot!) But sometimes it takes a lot more to keep us from behind the 8 ball! That said, the end result is so worth all the effort! Take a look at one pretty field that got it’s yearly trim up…


Isn’t she a beaut?  When all of the fields are mowed, and the spring is just coming around, it is picture perfect here. With the fields blanketed in a soft green and the leaves just starting to make their debut… It is a sight to see. From this and to honor my father’s legacy, we draw our motivation to carry on as we can, and hope some day we will pop out from behind the 8 ball! Wish us luck and come check out our progress!

That said, I leave you with this! Enjoy!

A brand new year, a brand new start…

Fresh starts are fun, we should appreciate the fact that, Lord willing, we get one every 365 days! That said, I think each new year brings out my defiant side! Just the thought of making resolutions that I am committed to keep makes me start thinking of ways to get out of them.  For this reason, I have not made New Year’s Resolutions this year, only New Year’s Suggestions…. They are as follows:

1) Next year, start the New Year’s suggestions list earlier

2) Give more attention to this blog!

3) Be more appreciative of the God given gifts I have been given

4) Appreciate the physical body I have been given and take better care of it. (after all, it is the only place I have to live)

5) Keep my chin up and stay motivated about working on improving the farm

6) Give more attention to this blog!

Keep your chin up! Only 69 days till spring!

spring flowers