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Fall into Autumn on the Farm

Fall is on it’s way! The leaves have been changing for a while now, and, boy you can really tell! Take a look at this picture I snapped on SR374 right before Ilesboro Rd.~

ImageI got into the spirit of it all by pulling out all the pumpkins and other fall decorations and prettying up the Cottage and the White Pine. Take a look and see what you think:





and let’s not forget…


So, Happy Fall Y’All~ We’d love to have you come stay with us!


Super September on the Way!

We are having some super September second summer special deals!! Typically, when September gets here, things start to slow down a little-the kids are back to school, everyone is waiting for October to visit…That makes September one of the perfect times to come visit! The weather is still pretty good, the parks are much less crowded and you get a little break before the holidays hit!

SO…we are having these deals for September only! If you need any more reason to celebrate September, looky here. at this supercool Mental Floss post


.Hope to see you before September ends!