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Come on, let’s take a stroll….

As you may know, we have trails down here on the farm that are basically pathways we have mowed through the fields. What you may not know is they are perfect for an evening stroll, just like one I took tonight, along with farm dog Buddy….

We strolled tonight on the trail across the street from the White Pine Cabin, that goes up the hill by an old tank on the hill. Here is a shot of the pathway..


Everything is starting to bloom and look so pretty! We came across some butterfly bushes and black eye susan….


Then we came across one of my favorite farm flowers, Miss Oxeye Daisy… Isn’t she lovely?


Finally…on our way back to the house…we came across Mr. Turtle…


Mr. Little Green Turtle, meet Mr. Big Brown Dog.. “So nice to meet you, please get your nose out of my face?”..

Well, so ends another nightly stroll here down on the farm. We would love to have you all come stay and enjoy some evening strolls of your own. We look forward to having you stay with us!