We have big news in our family!! 

After dating for about 5 years or so after meeting 17 years ago (in kindergarten at South Bloomingville Elementary) Clayton popped the question to our Emily and she said YES!  We could not be happier as we all just adore Clayton and because he adores Em and they are very happy together!

So, with that in mind, I guess we will be planning a wedding!  The Hocking Hills are a wonderful place to get married, which so many people have discovered!  To help you plan your special Hocking Hills Wedding day, here are some links:

Hocking Hills State Park:  There are so many beautiful locations in the parks for weddings, but most especially Ash Cave. There have been a number of weddings there over the years, it has easy access, is a beautiful setting and the cave creates it’s own theater setting!

Hocking Hills Tourism Association Guide: This has all sorts of resources-covers everything, even how to get your license!

Uncle Bucks: They have a dance barn that is used for weddings. They also do a mean barbeque! Very tasty.

Or, there are lots of places that do packages….

The Traveling Chapel

The Old Bear, Woodland Weddings

Flutes and Peppercorns, in Vinton County

So, join us in wishing the best to Clayton and Emily and all the brides and grooms that will be heading to the hills!


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  1. […] Old With You by Adam Sandler. I am trying to talk Emily and Clayton into walking down the aisle to this when they get married. I’ve even found a local […]


  2. […] a breathtakingly beautiful (and HOT) day in June, our daughter, Emily was wedded to her Clayton (or as we know him, the boy she fell in love with in kindergarten)! They had their ceremony in the side yard of the Pleasant View Cottage. Here is a […]


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