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Whats even more pitiful than grocery shopping on a Saturday night……

falling asleep while driving home from the grocery store on a Saturday night…  I’m just kidding, really.  We’ve never really gone out much. When we lived in Bradenton, Florida we would go out once in a while, usually to the Cortez Kitchen or one of the Ale Houses. Usually, we are content to stay home.

This past Saturday night found us having supper at Arthur Treacher’s in Lancaster and then on to Giant Eagle. After working all day, sorting out and cleaning up on the farm, that’s about all we could muster. If you are coming our way, check out the Arthur Treacher’s in Lancaster, it’s one of the few locations left in Ohio. It’s a hip-hopping-happening place. By the time we finished our food, there was a line almost all the way out the door!

Plus, if you are planning on coming our way, this is a great time!  Our winter special is in full force!! Just took another reservation this morning from a well appreciated repeat guest!  We’d love to have you too!


Whoa…what’s that bright light in the sky???

Oh, it’s the sun!!  We see it so rarely around here in the winter I almost forgot about it!  This is one of those days that can trick you into believing spring is coming sooner than later.  The sun is shining, the snow is melting, there are even some birds singing.  At this rate, the snow will be gone by Friday afternoon.  You know what that means, don’t you?

Yeah! Waterfalls! There should one at almost every park by this weekend.  We still have an opening in our Pleasant View Cabin, for the special winter rate of $120 per night for up to 4 adults. With tax, that comes out to about $250 for the weekend!

For more great pictures of the falls, check this out:

Have a great day and don’t be too upset about the snow going away….  I’m sure there will be more soon.


This is what we woke up to this morning on the farm, the first bit of snow for the season.

Most of the local schools are on a 2 hour delay, not closed, which means the roads are not too bad. The county and state crews take pretty good care of the roads in the hills, so you can schedule a winter stay with us without too much concern. Also, keep in mind the Pleasant Cottage and White Pine Cabin are on paved roads all the way to the cabins and with a short, flat drive up to the door!

Even though activities have slowed a little for the winter, there is still plenty to do. Check this out:

January 21: The annual Winter Hike , starting at 9 a.m., guests can enjoy the 6-mile trek from Old Man’s Cave to Ash Cave, stopping for refreshments at Cedar Falls.

January 28:   The Arrival of Winter hands-on workshop will be held at 9 a.m. This session and the Frozen Waterfalls Photography session will give you some good knowledge in nature photography.  Both are held in the Hocking Hills State park and lunch is included

February 11:  At 5 p.m., stop by Ash Cave for the Sweethearts Hike. Take a romantic stroll during dusk and enjoy a post-hike cozy fire and refreshments. (Don’t forget your flashlight!)

February 18:  Frozen Waterfalls Photography Workshop will be held at 9 a.m.

ALSO: check out our Winter Specials!  Come down now and savor the peaceful winter season and save some big bucks too!

A brand new year…A brand new day

Happy New Year!! It’s a brand new year on the farm and a brand new day.  After trying to help my parents while living in another state, we have returned to the farm full-time.  We have come back to live on the old home place to clean up, update all the while continuing to run Pleasant View Cabins as one of the best values in the Hocking Hills!!  We welcome you to come along with us on this journey-by following this blog, signing up for our newsletter, or checking us out on Facebook, Flickr or Etsy

How much are you loving this winter weather?  How about some snowy pictures of the Cottage and the White Pine to get you in the mood?

View from the hot tub in the snow

White Pine in the snow

Come on down and join us for some winter fun!